Black Man in the White House and They Can’t Raise the Roof?

All you militant folk, this ain’t that kind of party. It’s just funny that congress has been having so many “all of a sudden” moments under this President. Let’s get a few things straight… This administration has spent “only” $1.44T since coming on the scene. Literally half of that was in emergency stimulus spending on an already anemic economy.

Just to put it in perspective; China, our largest lean-holder, is owed $1.2T… total…! Meaning the President was proposing cutting twice as much in exchange for $1T in revenues (or lifted tax cuts that we can’t afford).

And raising the debt limit is not a “blank” check. Remember, Congress has already voted to spend this money. This measure is specifically to pay THOSE bills alone. There has been no excess requested.

Is it not fiscally responsible to pay bills O_o? I’m confused. If you work at a company with more than 25 people chances are, they borrow money every month to pay their bills and then just pay it back over time. Hence the corporations higher credit score. Sure there is cash on hand but you want to use that to positively leverage managed debt.

Also, this entire issue is a brilliantly constructed lie. There is no need to tie any of this loose legislation to raising the debt ceiling. They are but remotely related. I guess its asking too much to simply do the people’s bidding.

Freudian slip I guess.When it was proposed that the debt limit be raised ~ and mind you we are the most civilized nation in that we even have a debt limit ~ it was just like the last 77 times since the 60s.

The desired affect the Republicans were looking for could have be reached much easier and with WAY better results. Tell the President “Hell no we won’t raise the debt limit until you submit and pass a budget”. That would have put President Obama up against the ropes with much more finesse and strategy… And with way more positive outcome for the country. Credit rating stays high, they inevitably raise the debt ceiling and America wins.

However, their goal obviously was not to do the country’s will; but to make this stain this President with as much tomfoolery as possible. It was to ensure the President had work just a little harder to just to be the President. The Republicans want him gone.

“Black man in the White House and they can’t raise the roof…”

~ Chris Cox

And Obama… Man please, ain’t nobody about to miss a social security check. Stop playin’! Could they though? Not likely. America makes about $200B a month with roughly under $40B in obligations every month ~ including social security, military spend and other benefits. We got it. Obama jus’ tryin’ to get folk’s attention.

The Democrats need to man up. They have a PR problem. Get out there let folk know that you’re working on a budget with the President and that raising this debt limit will only enable us to pay existing obligations. Tell folk you’re not passing any new UNNECESSARY legislation.

D*mn, Democrats can sure be wack when they want to… They have no voice on this issue leaving the President pretty much on his own to fight these ignorant wars with Republican. For once in your life… grow some chest hair.

Note to Congress: Just raise it and make the President submit a budget. You can tie that up for months. The you get to look like heroes in November.

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