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What’s Wrong with the Buffett Rule?

The problem with the Buffett rule is how it’s wrapped. On its face, it seems like it’s targeting “the rich” which means opposition can label it as class warfare.

Obama has cited Buffett to counter critics of his policy proposals, particularly on taxes.
Obama has cited Buffett to counter critics of his policy proposals, particularly on taxes.

And while it’s actually a healthy initiative for America it’s being castigated as a “war against the rich” or “redistribution of wealth”.


These (types of) tax cuts have cost us close to $2.5T and netted no new jobs. Both stimulus, on the other hand, finally started showing positive job growth around summer ’09. Stimulus worked where individual payer tax cuts did not.

In all honesty, Warren Buffett pays a lesser (capital gains) tax rate than his secretary’s (federal income) tax rate. I’d call it misleading to even generalize both in the same sentence but higher-income earners simply do not pay the the same ‘types’ of taxes as lower ~ than rich than a mug ~ income earners do. In this regard, I’m okay with the over-simplifying since the common denominator is individual taxation in general.

“We need to cut what we can’t afford, to pay for what really matters.” ~ President Obama

While I’m not proposing any particular new stimulus, it’s fair to say we can not afford ANY programs that do not directly increase the likelihood of job-growth. We just can’t afford it. But again, it’s the wrapper. Obama needs to make all his initiatives centered around what we can AFFORD and not just who we should AVOID. In this case ~ the outcome is the same but more folk can get behind; it including the opposition party.

“The tax code, as it’s currently written, provides a much lower tax rate for people who earn their income through investments than it does for people who earn their income through earning a wage.” ~ Congressman Chris Van Hollen

So back to the question of what’s wrong with the Buffett Rule’? Aside from the melting sticky Now-and-Later wrapper only certain people can even get into… not a d*mn thang!

It’s Time to Stop “Partying” and Get Serious!

The resolution, “That the Republican agenda is more conducive to resolving the current adverse economic climate in America than the Democratic agenda.”

If job losses started in January 2009 I’d probably agree.

More facts would include a sharp downward trend in jobs started in late ’07. It continued deep into ’09 when 2 years of Democratic/Republican stimulus finally started to work.

A Republican agenda means we spend more on tax cuts that aren’t stimulating growth.

A Republican agenda means we “attack” China for trying to maintain their own finances. Labeling them as currency manipulators when we do the exact same thing to battle our own decline.

A Republican agenda means repealing Obamacare. It would be much more prudent to simply add in tort reform and empower states to add their own individual mandates. Duh?

A Republican agenda means adding a balanced budget amendment to the constitution just to spite a President when the real resolution is simply spending less… which last I checked was a moniker of conservatism in the first place. You don’t need a “common sense clause” in the constitution, you need to spend more time crafting better legislation.

The only sound argument any Republican should be waging right now is whether or not jobs are returning fast enough. When you say NO jobs have been created, you loose credibility since the real number is closer to 3,000,000 since ’09. THAT, I could get behind!

And yes the unemployment rate is high. That’s because folk keep applying for unemployment. Extending unemployment is probably not a good political move since it means that number won’t budge until an exponential amount of folk stop applying. But cash in folk pockets means demand is spurred… which means people can still make purchases. It’s trading what is politically smart for what is economically sound.

It’s time to stop generalizing and start generating some actionable intelligence.

It’s time to stop “partying” and get serious.

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