You’ll Fit Right In

Dear Tom Leppert… You’ll fit right in. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked what you were able to accomplish in Dallas. A number of the initiatives you set up are pretty beneficial to the community and the metroplex.

You would do well with your jobs platform but later on in the race you’ll want to narrow down the discussion to specific legislation you’ll either sponsor or write yourself. Talk about your strategy to overcome austerity to open truly responsible conversation around economic growth.

How will you overcome the callused approach of the Tea Party candidates in the House because… you’ll never see a bill that hasn’t made it out of there. Who do you even know in the House? What connections have you made leading up to this race to ensure you can actually have some weight in Congress.

I’ve paid too much attention to Politics in the last few years to allow another (actually exceptional) politician fall victim to party rhetoric and do-nothing approaches. Reaching across the aisle is, in my eyes, not smart… it’s just Congress.

Talking about the President in a race for Congress may be a prudent political strategy but I want to hear you talk about why Harry Reid is sitting on jobs legislation that can be passed right now. I want to know why Mitch McConnell has shown little useful leadership in the Congress. Speak to that and then I’ll know you’re serious.

But then again, I’m only one vote. The masses may are only be concerned with unseating this President… not what Congresses part is in all of this. Maybe I’m wrong.

Iraq Drawdown a ‘Green Light’ for Iran?

Iran does not have the intelligence to wage a war against Iraq. They do however have the balls to do so. Even if they try to invade Iraq for whatever reason we’ll have adequate enough intell there to know about it.

Iraq Drawdown a 'Green Light' for Iran?
Iraq Drawdown a ‘Green Light’ for Iran?

Our interests, as it pertains to Iran, are in them NOT obtaining a nuclear weapon. As long as we have the proper intelligence to prevent that we don’t need a combat presence there.

We can’t on the one hand say we were successful in Iraq and then on the other still want to maintain a military presence there. By definition, it’s contradictory for us to stay in the current capacity. In fact, it’s not even financially feasible.

Iran’s UN violations coupled with imposed sanctions puts Iran on their heals. They’ll either have to wage an official war on the United States which it can not officially afford to do in any capacity or simply maintain it’s place as the East’s bad boys… which… well, who cares.

This latest “attack” on US soil is a clear admission of Iran’s place as the annoying obnoxious bad boy at the table. They’ll almost certainly end up being stomped out like the bug Ahmadinejad is.

We need troops, on the ground, in Texas & Arizona for a true strategic audit of out the area. Patrolling drones with video surveillance with troop bases poised for engagement when needed.

Couple that with some true law enforcement measures in the states to identify & prosecute those who hire illegals and you’re well on your way to securing our borders.

Iraq is withdrawing military immunity for our troops. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and we pretty much need to abide. It’s similar to raising a troubled teenager, them getting an apartment, and you still trying to run their household. It’s time to step back and diligently observe.

Home for the holidays?

Today, I can say to our troops in Iraq~ You’re definitely coming home for the holidays.” ~ President Barack Obama….Thank you for your Service!!!

Great news right? Was this just politics? If the election were held today would this help the President. Well ~ yes.

I think it’s one less weapon to be used against him in a general election.Now I see why he wanted that Jobs bill passed so soon… LOL! Troops are on the way back and they’ll be entering the jobs market. The American Jobs Bill has a provision for tax benefits for businesses hiring returning troops. Well played Pres.

Cain on Immigration but off his rocker

My brother you must have lost your mind. How dare you laud such inflammatory rhetoric at a people that come to this country for the opportunities “we” bait them with. On the whole, there are not the numbers committing the crimes you speak of to warrant incendiary remarks. Drawing laughs should not be the goal of any Presidential candidate on the matter of border security or slain patrolman.

Herman Cain undeterred by '9-9-9' tax plan criticism
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain campaigns on Saturday in Cookeville, Tenn. 10/17/11

I stand by you on the comment of it being insensitive for anyone to be killing our border patrolman and citizens. But it saddens me that that comment would come at the heals of a “joke” about electric(ution) fences. Digs like that have no place in a matter as serious as the one in question. And forgive me if I missed the joke part. Sir, if we cant tell when you’re being sarcastic or authentic we will certainly have a problem convincing Mexico or Iran or the Taliban when you claim your being stern.

“We can build a fence. I just got back from China. Now if they can build a fence, we can build a fence.” ~ Herman Cain

I call that bold talk.

If you really want to get cute why not back Mexico into a corner and have them build a fence. Wage war against Mexico if these dangerous immigrants are such a threat. Count the employers of the “bad” people criminals and throw them in the hoosegow. Let’s have a serious conversation about amnesty.

Oh…? That’s extreme…? My bad. I thought you took this seriously. That border fence nonsense is conservative fodder only ~ in place only to make people think you’re actually working on something. Similar to the busy-work we do when the District Manager is coming to your branch. Don’t be silly enough to think it’s actually going to solve any real immigration problems.

This administration has beefed up the border patrol more than any other President ~ count that in it’s deficit spending. More support to the border states has been granted as of recently than at any other time. Cain & Perry both need to chill on all that nonsense. It’s getting tired.

P.S. You’re getting way too comfortable with your grammar homie. Mind your words.

A Preoccupied Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is the latest “trend” of collective political discourse… without all the politics. It’s too early to know if it would even stick around to see it itself worthy of existing in the first place. And what started on 30 blocks of New York’s Wall St. has grown to over 20 cities; from Dallas to Anchorage by college students to senior citizens. But what’s the message? Are they occupying themselves with the right issues? Do they want legislation? Is it a movement?

Occupy Wall St.
Henny Ray Abrams/AP Photo

After all the impressive marches what do you want from Wall St.? Do you want the rich to write checks to the poor? At first I’d written them off considering them late-comers opposing the Tea Party. But simply put ~ those associated with the movement are considering themselves the 99% of America that have a problem with the 1% owning the most political influence.

I’m interested in the movement but talking to them individually has been a little… anticlimactic to say the least. None have been able to succinctly articulate themselves on issues but all totally sold on the progress they’ve made so far. And after I got over the fact that they weren’t all as well-spoken as Chuck Schumer, I realized they were all speaking the language of frustration.

Frustration about Wall St. controlling both the influence of government as well as the flow of cash. And in their defense it does make sense to pose the question: if all money is in 1 account what do the rest of us live off of. But what’s the alternative? Should “the rich” cut checks to “the poor” just for the sake of sharing?

I think not. The concept of “sharing” and capitalism simply do not mix. By its very nature, capitalism leaves no room for sharing. “Take what you’ve earned and do with it what you please” is the model if capitalism and I’m okay with that.

However, what I am ardently opposed to is any unearned assistance provided to the rich or the poor. When a government tips the scale with unnecessary tax breaks and unbridaled influence I get offended. When a government, without clear directives, empties its pockets on programs it benefits no one and hurts us all in the short/long run.

There must be a direct correlation between any government programs offered and how many problems they solve.

If any idea is imposed I think it should be fairness. Fairness, in this case, says at the moment in which a government can no longer afford a program that incentivizes the wealthy that program should

This government can’t afford to do anything other than invest in its citizens rather than throw money at them. It’s to engage its constituents and solve some real problems and continue to pander to the coffers of the bureaucracy…

Yeah but 103,001 Jobs Would Have Been Better

Where are the stats on how unemployment number breaks down? These aggregate numbers don’t tell the story of black unemployment.

103,000 new jobs in September; black unemployment dips
103,000 new jobs in September; black unemployment dips

College Degree/High School Diploma?
Congressmen presiding over those districts?
Actively seeking work as opposed… uh NOT actively seeking work?

I asked these questions of anyone posting numbers about black unemployment. Namely The Grio who’d posed the question of whether or not the latest employment numbers showed signs of economic turnaround. And while Black unemployment numbers dropped slightly The Grio offered a deeper dive than the article they posted on Facebook. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some really nice insight into the aggregate numbers.

While I appreciated the article and the link for the statistics I decided to explore the issue of unemployment amongst blacks. My concern: How the people charged with dealing with the issue are hiding behind what their calling an unsolvable problem… ~ using “the situation” as a scapegoat for not having effective ideas on job creation.

If you have any skills or a valuable offering and you’re out of work, start a business. Pursue entrepreneurship… VIGOROUSLY. Don’t wait for someone to offer you a job that you feel has already been “assigned” to someone else.

If you don’t have skills, drop out of the job market and get some. Live at your T-Jones’ place and do odd jobs until you get right and can contribute. Earn a low wage and obtain the skills you need to compete.

We need to take an honest look at unemployment right now. More people need to recognize they do not have the skills to compete and drop out of the running, stop drawing unemployment insurance and go to a school for a trade. Now that I don’t have a problem subsidizing over time.

Is this the unemployment line?
Is this the unemployment line?

Of the 3,000,000 estimated job openings they are mostly in the areas of truck driving, health care, accounting, software engineering and… uh I forgot the others (^_^). If you’re not in that number you need to create a market for yourself by either becoming an entrepreneur or advocating for research, development & growth in that area.

If you’re out of work and single, coax up a room mate. Cohabitate and cut your costs in half while you’re searching and waiting to rise like a phoenix. It would make for a much more interesting book anyway. If you’re married and out of work, make love your spouse and have a prudent and responsible talk about whatever you both have to do to downsize and earn “that” income level together.

It’s all Bush’s fault.

I’ve observed the empty, and often leftist, claim of “It’s all Bush’s fault.” All Bush owns is not seeing/addressing the economy soon enough. I (sy)mpathize with Bush only in the idea that he thought his only job was to defend the nation “militarily”. However, our “economy” is a defense as well. And in that regard he was simply inept and brought nothing to the table in the form of either fiscal responsibility or economic growth. He doesn’t own current consumers reluctance to spend ~ nor does this President. I am done blaming Bush. He is useless in the current conversation about job growth. He didn’t contribute in 2 terms as President so how, as an average Joe, can his name be called on in a healthy conversation about solutions.

The first congressman that recognizes manufacturing is the key to Black employment progress I will personally help to reelect them. Manufacturing is the key to our financial future. Manufacturing is one of the missing pieces to the US’s employment woes. We must produce more of what we consume ~ and sooner than later. That puts more jobs here in the states and takes away a third leg to our global competitors.

I know it’s tough but now is NOT the time to let anything shake or overcome your faith. You own your own happiness.

There is hope but it’s not in your television and it’s d*mn-sure not in the numbers we’re seeing. It’s in Americans. It’s in you.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Apple, Lauren and the rest of the world has lost a fixture of genius & excellence in Steve Jobs.

A Mosaic Jobs ~ Charis Tsevis
A Mosaic Jobs ~ Charis Tsevis

He will be missed.

Monthly Job Gains/Losses: 12/07 – 03/10

If the chart above was extended through this past September you’d have the right writing their congressmen talkin’ ’bout “But I thought you had said…”

The April 2011 Jobs Report
The April 2011 Jobs Report

All in all this President has had a number of blunders on foreign & domestic policy. Fumbles on Israel, Mis-statements, an under-leveraged budget narrative ~ I’ll cede a litany of policy concerns the brother has shown me.

But the list of accomplishments President Obama has brought to the table is staggeringly… high. I am not concerned about him running for office because he has shown himself to be a well-oiled machine in running for the office of President. The moment he touts his Presidential resume it will be difficult to compare a GOP candidate’s.

Herman Cain has never held an elected office. I don’t side with the critics that think this is a laughable position to be in simply on it’s face. I take great concern in that he has never had to work with anyone he couldn’t fire. This FORCES common-ground discussion he simply hasn’t shown to possess.

Romney is pretty but his record in Massachusetts is exactly what it should have been… okay. Massachusetts is an easy state to run and even easier with the right connections… I’d argue why his state had the second lowest jobs numbers… next to a fledgling, Katrina-laden Louisiana…

Rick Perry is what he was… I mean for it… I mean, was he against it when he was for it… and fuzzy wuzzy was a bear lookin’ *ss. I mean really dude… Really? I need you to hold your own in conversation. Granted, he’s a hawk on small government but so what. 1600 is big government… ROTUND government. Get over it. Manage it.

In short (yeah right), I’ve not seen 1 scenario where this President should be replaced… especially on the merits of job creation. I have however seen many scenarios where he needs a new congress.

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