Can Pro-Choice & Pro-Life Groups Coexist?

A group of friends of mine were asked, “Is it possible to love children and be pro-choice, thoughts?” What a topic, right? Well, this conversation was probably brought about by a recent federal appeals court ruling that allows Texas’ new Sonogram Law to remain active even during its appeals process.

Judges: Texas Can Enforce Sonogram Law Now
Judges: Texas Can Enforce Sonogram Law Now

I was excited to see the responses because recently it’s been my thinking that there does exist the possibility to love children and still want to “choose” to have a child rather than be forced to have a child.

What pro-choice advocates is the ability for women to choose what their next steps are as far as pregnancy is concerned.

What pro-life advocates is the assumption that a child’s life should be legally protected at every stage of pregnancy.

But exploring a little deeper it’s clear that both pro-life and pro-choice advocates can stand together. It sounds awkward but let’s take a look.

Shouldn’t we want all women of child-bearing age to be equipped with the best tools to raise a child when faced with a pregnancy? You equip them with the will to succeed, a clear demonstration of marriage, and transparent knowledge of what being a mother is. Each tenant is a clear derivative of both the American dream and moral consensus. I’d argue that as a baseline that both groups could subscribe to. Which means there is no divide prior to a pregnancy. However, afterwards this dialogue gets defensive.

The dialogue becomes about how a mother’s choices have led her to a pregnancy and that no unborn child should be punished for his or her parents’ choices. And certainly not punished with death.

Alan Keyes on Abortion and Faith
Alan Keyes on Abortion and Faith

You can be a pro-life all the way up to the point in which you find yourself having to face a pregnancy. Some are prepared and some are not. A question I’d had is what has either of the groups done to prepare women to begin a life of raising a child. In most cases it’s the pro-choice groups that care beforehand and pro-life groups that get involved when a child birth is imminent.

I believe everyone should be pro-choice, arguing that both Christianity and our Constitution would suggest as much. But I would also pray that everyone “chooses” not to have an abortion. To choose a life where they would rather invite a child into the world with open arms than feel that they couldn’t live a life with one.

It’s also true that you can love a child you’ve aborted… and not even know how much until later.

Totally. All that’s needed is a dialogue between the two groups.

Let’s reduce the number of women seeking abortions. Let’s reduce unintended pregnancies. Let’s make adoption more available. Let’s provide care and support for women who do carry their children to term. ~ President Barack Obama

Honestly, as long as abortion is considered a “legal procedure” these decisions will be in the hands of the woman. Since that’s the case, “options” are the unborn child’s only hope. And that means both prior to pregnancy and after one is discovered.

Happy 90th to Mrs. Cathelyn Francis Dawson Butcher!

I was supremely blessed to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday last night in Corsicana, Texas. A state treasure in her own right (and the State of Texas actually gave her a holiday), was thrown a surprise birthday dinner and gala. It was my honor to be there paying tribute to another year of our matriarch, Cathelyn Francis Dawson Butcher.

Happy 90th to Mrs. Cathelyn Francis Dawson Butcher
Happy 90th to Mrs. Cathelyn Francis Dawson Butcher (Photo by Lauren Mullin)

Awe was the word the entire night as we watched nearly a centennial’s worth of family and friends regale stories of Cat’s impact in their lives. Speaking of felines, each of nearly 30 tables had some variation of cat-like seating arrangements ~ nice touch.

Four tiny little great great grandchildren (yes, great2) ran around making plenty of noise. Scores of great grandchildren served the guests. Tons of grandchildren shared memories. And her 5 (living) children sat teary-eyed at the sea of others who shared in their respect and admiration. And there was my grandmother; laughing and taking it all in.

Last night my folks’ love was on full display. Even one of my grandmother’s “classmates” and relatives actually danced, sang and recited poetry:

“Work while you work, play while you play,
one thing each time, that is the way.
All that you do, do with all your might;
for things done by halves, are never done right.” ~ Aunt Bessie

Family VIPs ~ Evelyn, Thelma, Sam, Cat, Pat, Seri & more
Evelyn, Thelma, Sam, Cat, Pat, Seri & more

In my 30 short years of living, I’ve always had my grandmother(s). You see both are still offering years of anecdotes and Monday-morning Cowboy analysis. And while I don’t take them for granted I simply can not imagine a day without them being an hour away.  Come to think of it ~ I should spend more time in Corsicana “The Can”, Texas. I love both of my grandmothers dearly and on last night I got to show one how much.

I love you Mama Cat!

Be Necessary ~ Larry Mullins
Be Necessary ~ Larry Mullins

Pursuit is the evidence of desire.

Pursuit is the evidence of desire.

I want to tell you the truth but can I trust you with it

I want to tell you the truth but can I trust you with it

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