A Tragedy in Sanford, Florida

On February 26h, 2012 Trayvon Martin (17) left his home in Sanford, Florida to grab some snacks during half-time of the NBA’s All-Star game. When returning home the neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman (28), identified¬† Martin as a threat to the neighborhood and proceeded to “following” the teen. What happened next is truly disturbing.

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I was reserving comment until more facts were revealed but I think we’ve been fed as much as publicly possible considering the case’s recent escalation to the federal arena. The latest question is why Zimmerman is not in Sanford Police custody? Although I’m thinking Zimmerman may be free because of Florida’s updated “self-defense” law.

So in order for Zimmerman to be in cuffs… more evidence is needed for an actual charge.

Trayvon Martin Family Seeks FBI Investigation of Killing by Neighborhood Watchman
Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman

At this point, it’s a matter of when Zimmerman felt his life was actually in danger. If a 220+ lb adult male can truly make the case he felt his life was in immediate danger of a 17-year old (football player no-less) then his use of deadly force might be justified.

I think the state may look to see if they have enough to prosecute for murder or manslaughter. They certainly have motive. And they definitely¬† have intent (by virtue of Zimmerman carrying a gun against the guidelines of his duties). Remember he “decides” to pursue Martin despite the 911 dispatcher imploring him not to do so.

The only issue I see with prosecuting is whether Zimmerman had been attacked before. If that’s the case, and he’s reported as much, he may be able to prove “he felt” his life was in danger. Even then, he would have to prove he felt his life was in danger on the afternoon of the 26th.

Since this is now a federal matter, you can expect Attorney General Eric Holder may not comment directly but you can bet he will force the Fed’s hand in pursuing justice on this one. Just stay tuned and stay informed.

Quite simply… What do we have: a dead teenager from the single shot of a gun-toting neighborhood watchmen who fits even the legal definition of a vigilante. What we don’t have just yet is a clear path to justice.

Let’s see what the State of Florida has to say… considering Trayvon Martin was shot lying face down in the grass. And now there is possible evidence that Trayvon was on the phone with an individual that is speaking out.

For more information about contacting the Office of the State Attorney Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida here:

Norman R. Wolfinger

For more information about contacting the Sanford Police Department feel free to contact Chief Bill Lee, Jr. here:

Chief of Police
City of Sanford
Office (407) 688-5075

For more information about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” feel free to review it here:


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