Get busy living…

Within a month’s time I found out two of the most influential people in my life had their lives shortened by cancer. And while they knew nothing of each other, they both shared some of my highest regards. I already miss them dearly.

When you open your heart and dreams to people they become part of your journey. They become advocates when you feel like you might be on the wrong track. They become cheerleaders at those all-to-important milestones… or they simply set the standard by which you achieve. I thank them both for the roles they played in my becoming the man I am today.


I can only imagine having my goals stunted by a condition I had no control over ~ or having a doctor who had nothing to do with my plans now becoming the executor over mine and my family’s calendar. But the darkest thought I have right now is having my goals lapsed by latency, or missteps, or worse… a lack of focus.

Take back your life and take control of the levers you DO have access to. Let nothing, not even the darkness of a tragedy, steal your joy or… your purpose.

Links to cancer awareness advocacies and treatment centers are abundant so I won’t belabor the obvious. I will however, (re)iterate the supreme importance of your time here on this earth.

Everything matters. Every moment is loaned. Every second counts.

Get busy living…

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