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A Skull-Thumping Jobs Report for June

I have to admit, ‎80,000 jobs in June is simply not enough to lower these unemployment numbers. And certainly 3 straight months of seemingly sub-standard hiring is sure-sign of economic sluggishness. I’m going to need the President, the Senate and the House to get it together.

United States Senate
The United States Senate

Hiring might have stagnated primarily because of the Healthcare case in the Supreme Court so I’m sure we’ll see a jolt because of some the uncertainty being lifted. Lifted only in the sense that the case has now been decided.

There still looms the shakiness of whether or not it will be repealed. And since there still exists the possibility of The Affordable Care Act being repealed there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the status of healthcare.

But back to these ugly-*ss jobs numbers… The House has sent 20+ jobs bills to the Senate. Harry Reid needs to stop sitting on bills and pass some legislation. It was cute in the beginning to claim all the Republicans weren’t getting anything done but now that nothing’s happening I want a little more accountability from Leader Reid. It’s time to put something on the books.

The United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
The United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

The truth is, if the House is passing anything they feel they’ve done their jobs. And that’s technically the truth ~ bills like 3606, 3012 & 2018 actually look promising. Although some are vendictive or pretty cynical, it’s clear the Republicans aren’t just coming to work and playing on Tumblr. The Senate’s job is to shape that legislation into something it can digest and get signed by the President.

The President could easily walk down the hall and thump Reid’s skull and get some legislation passed. I disappointed in my President this morning. This has been a telling summer folks.

Let’s see what happens now that Obamacare’s black cloud of “uncertainty” has partially been lifted.

It takes a while to get things turned around…

There may be a few Democrats out there that think this video can be used against Mitt Romney. Don’t do it Dems ~ be sure to look at the title before going in on the man.


Although, I’ll give brother Romney props for presiding over even this modest amount to job growth in Massachusetts. Even though this was prior to the ’08 national recession, Massachusetts had their own little recession which resulted in about 50,000 jobs created ~ which netted out to none.

The Romney governorship was a rocky under Romney but not terrible. Consider this: At 1.3% job growth, Massachusetts ranked 47TH of 50 states on his watch. But by the time Romney left he had cut unemployment from 5.9% to 4.7%. A weird stat but certainly worth examining.

“We leveled out the Massachusetts job situation with no stimulus.”

This isn’t a real quote but I can definitely see it being regurgitated by the GOP if it ever came up. I can see conservatives touting this as a talking point if this video gets any play.

Romney’s got his flaws but don’t add this video to your “Why Mitt Ain’t Gon’ Get It” list.



The Affordable Healthcare Act is definitely overreach. In it’s current form, it tries to solve too many existing problems ~ which is why it is so long.

As far as the congressional question of repeal is concerned the current class has already started the process. As long as Democrats head the Senate (and the White House) a viable path to repeal has no traction. The House’s current efforts are merely procedural or rhetorical at best.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear the goal of improved healthcare is not a goal of the right. Fiscal responsibility is the primary goal of the conservative movement. Improving healthcare is not a fiscal tenant. Although Medicare & Medicaid are currently under scrutiny by the Ryan plan.

However, “Obamacare” is the only serious effort by the United States government to attempt to shift the costs we currently pay for the lack of heath insurance to the individuals who require the care. That’s what it does.

This conversation around “liberties” is kind of comical considering we have “state” laws that require patients to be seen. This was the first modern attempt to correct healthcare gaps. But it’s clear this approach is what’s bankrupting the nation.

Liberty is 100% in tact because we still have the power of the vote. Problem solved. No liberties have been infringed by requiring uninsured citizens (and non-citizens) to pay their fair share.

If we don’t like the laws… we get rid of them. Done. References to Stalin or Nazis are insulting and bordering on foolish.

I would only say this about “Obamacare”. It doesn’t address tort reform in any real way ~ it should. It doesn’t allow for interstate insurance trade ~ it should. It does allow for millions of people to be added to existing insurance policies which is largely beneficial to both insurance companies and patients. It disuades fraud & abuse ~ we’ve already seen benefits there. It makes illegal this idea of disallowing or banishing individuals with pre-existing conditions from plans. Those are the facts.

If you want to talk money… no problem.

Yeeeah o_O Sorry about the oath flub. I got you though. ~ Roberts

Yeeeah o_O Sorry about the oath flub. I got you though. ~ Roberts

Poor Mitt

The truth is: Barack Obama would’ve gotten his 2008 *ss handed to him against a 2008 Mitt Romney. If Republicans weren’t such purists Mitt would be President and Hillary would be running against him right now. But the record the “junior-senator-turned-stealth-bomber” Barack Obama brings to the table might be a bit overwhelming for ol’ Mitt in the fall.

The Electoral Map: Building a Path to Victory
The Electoral Map: Building a Path to Victory

Mitt is certainly not any less viable a candidate ~ but guess who Presidentially (not a word but significantly just didn’t seem to cut it) more viable now… The war-ending, job-creating, oil-producing, money-spending, tax-cutting, terrorist-slaying, Ledbetter-signing, healthcare-slapping Barack Obama.

But Mitt; he’s the exact same candidate he was in 2008. He’s done nothing more with his record in 4 years ~ unless you count his book. Remember, he’s been out of public policy since his service as Mass’ Governor… in ’07. So seemingly, he’s come out of retirement TWICE to run for President thinking he can run only on a business record, bad-mouthing the President, and a mediocre governing record. Pound for pound, as a public servant, he’s out of his league.

Mitt’s problem is Barack HAS done something to his record since that last presidential race. Remembering too, Mitt’s record, at one point, couldn’t even beat John McCain’s Senatorial record. It certainly won’t stand up against a President’s.

The party’s best chance would have been Jon Hunstman, Tim Pawlenty or the creepy yet comedic Mitch Daniels. Their records COULD compare to the President’s 4-year record. But once again, Republicans have decided to put a “prop” candidate up against a sitting President. A SITTING PRESIDENT!?! Come on!

…do you think that the Democrats did the same thing with Kerry in 2004?

A good friend of mine asked me if the Democrats committed the same sin before. Democrats are typically boring so I don’t have many opportunities to talk about them but this was an interesting question.

Diddy was out trying to get people to vote while wearing his “Vote or Die” t-shirt made famous in the 2004 election. ~ Image Source: Spash News Online
Diddy in a “Vote or Die” t-shirt ~ Image Source: Spash News Online

I don’t remember being all that excited about Kerry but I loved those “VOTE OR DIE!” shirts. Although I will definitely say John Kerry deserved a try at the oval office. John Kerry’s problem was simple… that d*mn “Mission Accomplished” speech the summer before the election.

You can’t unseat a war-President. That just doesn’t happen.

Poor ol’ Mitt. I wonder what he’ll do with his spare time the Christmas… Oh yeah… not serving public office but still making money. I can respect that.

He’ll be fine.

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