Is There Any Hope Left for the Trajectory of Young African Americans in America?

This question was recently posed and I thought I’d take a closer look. The data might look bleak but do you think the future looks bright for our great nation’s youth? The answer is yes. We are the newest, racial experiment in existence… These are growing pains. It is true there is a statistical “cleansing period” taking place but I see a resurgence on the way. Our grand kids are who will reap the benefits.

Educational attainment of blacks or African Americans in the labor force, 25 to 64 years, March 1970 and March 2008

Educational attainment of blacks or African Americans in the labor force, 25 to 64 years, March 1970 and March 2008

The African Americans of the 60s were taught by a generation of people grew up with education being unattainable… Resolve is important. The Civil Rights generation blew their load and either rested on their generation’s laurels or faded under fatigue. They were our grandparents.

What we’re seeing now is a product of the cancer of “free-doom” that America provides and the freedom to be mediocre. There was at one point no option to be mediocre – we rose to that challenge. All we need now is a clean example of a generation of mediocrity and exceptionalism for the next generation to see and attempt to duplicate. That’s a couple of generations away.

So Adolphus, right now is the cleansing, but you see hope in a couple generations? Like darkness before the dawn, kinda? I just want to make sure I understand it right.

Mine is an aggregated, macro assertion… But since “blacks” are so new and unique it’s a bit difficult to trend off of data alone. Ours is a very strange experiment (without a hypothesis) unlike any I’ve ever seen:

Brought from a country that was rich in culture and achievement…
to a country that hated us…
that we were forced to build…
that we couldn’t escape from…
that still hated us until like yesterday…

I would say there is room for assertions in a scenario that skewed. And while not bright in terms of ‘easy’ – certainly bright in terms of opportunity for improvement.

As far a trajectory… our short-run trend appears bleak but we could either continue to decline and dissolve into an ape-ish mongoloid culture which I’m sure some would not surprise some… OR we could hit a floor of intolerance right around the time the term “Minority” is swapped with “Majority” and bounce out of this slump. That is my hope anyway.

If you’re looking at a downward trend, it’s lowest point would be considered a floor. You knew that. However, if there was no lowest point and a decline continued forever, that would essentially make us ineligible for recovery.

I’m saying that the floor would occur around 2025 or so… So then does it level out or does it reverse exponentially? I think exponentially IF the trend of minority prejudice & discrimination is reduced dramatically. Which would probably only happen when the number of minorities and majorities neutralize… causing a rubberband snap.

A floor of intolerance.

I think 2050 was the latest census data for when the minority literally becomes majority. Between now and then there are many political and social provisions to be considered. Injecting politics for a second… The GOP has to either change it’s tune or continue to lose presidencies… 2016 will be a different type of election. Either Hillary wins or a centrist Conservative wins.

Either way that means more minority programs – education reform being the easiest to shake a stick at. That means more attention to these issues and over the next 2 terms more progress demanded. That takes us into the mid-2020s.

I often think “Where is the new CRM?”. With yesterday’s CRM we knew who the enemy was. Our opponent was clear.

How responsible and mature a culture do we have to be to recognize that the NEW opponent is ourselves?

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