Bringing the Hammer

DOT GAMMIT! If I hear one more idiot conspirator utter the term “Do Your Research”. People, if you are in possession of knowledge that your folks need then you share it… you cite it… you pitch it…

YOU understand it such that you can hold a thoughtful & meaningful exchange with your brothers & sisters. We do NOT have time for YOU to have a monopoly on 10%ing! Cultural capital is what you OWE… NOT what you simply covet.

What separates man from everything else is the indiscriminate transfer of knowledge from one generation to a next. Fluid & readily available rivers of information is the only reason you know what fire is. Are you participating in that transfer or are you the Sméagol of the knowledge you gain? Don’t answer that.

So, to my militant brothers & sisters: find your place again. Show us why we still need you at the table when it comes to actually solving today’s problems.

“A hammer can be used to build a house or bash in someone’s skull.”

It’s all about how one chooses to use their tools.

The moment a starving Cambodian child outrages us just as much as a starving Black child we might be on our way to “real” progress.

The American Flag

The American Flag

Until then, choosing sides only prolongs the solutions needed to put a dent in all the suffering we’re dealing with.

Militancy is polarizing. And while militants are basking in their super-tude and bathing in knowledge the world continues to deteriorate around us all.

Join the ranks of those who choose to put their “knowledge” on the line and grab a hammer. If your knowledge helps you swing faster, THEN I will respect it.

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