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Romany Malco

Romany Malco

I’m actually a fan of Romany Malco, and specifically his character Zeke from Why Did I Get Married, or Look Like a Man Act Like A Woman or Deliver us from Eva or whatever other of my date night picks list. Yeah, him. Good actor and even better comedian. In fact, in everything I’ve seen him in, he’s delivered comedic-ally and thematically. Even in his latest blog post, A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers, he delivers a strong performance.

I thought to myself, is he serious? The main message – Trayvon is not the only dead somebody we need to be worried about. I see where he’s coming from but to say the TM/GZ isn’t especially disturbing is being a little obtuse.

In this country, if it isn’t streamlined through mainstream media and pop culture, it doesn’t seem to warrant national debate.

His larger point is that we need to be constantly on alert when it comes to the well-being of our youth – not just when told to be. I can dig that.

And the violent crimes that have consumed “no headlines” is something that bothers him and, despite his op-ed, the rest of us a well.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. If the assailants of these Chicago atrocities were standing over the bodies of the victims they’d be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed with a routine swiftness. On the one had, there was a legal precedent set/affirmed with the entire Zimmerman case – one with ripple effects. On the other, a moral or chronic criminal illness plaguing entire cities.

Now are we allowed to be outraged, Zeke? Can we now agree that it’s not the media that “didn’t” arrest a gunman? It is with those that are entrusted to protect and serve that our concerns lie. The media didn’t coach us to outrage – the outrage did that.

To say that these concerns are otherwise unwarranted or even to suggest that TM/GZ is not uniquely qualified for our collective attention is glib and dismissive. I’m sure that’s not where we are.

Now if you want to now USE the nation’s recent “watchful eye” to lift up the conversation around our youth’s value and how it should be held sacred then I stand with you. I see THAT as useful. I see that as responsible. I see that as constructive and might just move us forward.

I’m not sure we can afford the separation. Aligning interests collectively is how we move forward. Let’s find that common ground, lift each others’ messages and have an even bigger voice.

Though I agree. There is a generally disgusting trend that ends in death for a number of our children – and its murder. But the GZs of the world aren’t responsible for most of those deaths – we are.

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