Assassination of The Pursuit

This tragic moment in “American” History has always bothered me to no end. It almost certainly stunted African American growth for many generations to come. How does a culture of citizens see any possibility of prosperity when the very symbol of progress, that they’d already, slaved to produce was so violently ripped away from them? How is it possible to feel positive about a future in a land where this is possible – with no vindication from anything resembling a justice system. How is your pursuit of happiness… protected?

It meant we could pour our financial & intellectual wealth into our own communities, see it destroyed and be offered no remunerations or support (dare I say no incentive) to rebuild.

Moments in time like this one and assassinations and supreme court decisions and countless others demonstrate, so clearly, this country’s societal immaturity throughout the decades. Such a disappointment that a land so vast in possibilities is constantly stagnated by fear and hatred.

I am saddened and confused every time I experience yet another recollection of these events where society simply has no answers for true justice. Delivering yet another skewed depiction of what it means to be free.

It’s a shame that a country with this much abundance and opportunity is so often reduced to putrid acts of bigotry and insipid decadence.

The United States could be much greater than even the fairy-tale history book your school district regurgitates year after year. We could have so much more if we would only free up the constipation that greed and racism so often leaves us with.

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