Suing Saudi Arabia

Congress rejects Obama veto of 9/11 bill, in first override of presidency

Congress rejects Obama veto of 9/11 bill, in first override of presidency

So let me get this straight… We want to “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11… as in holding a sovereign state culpable for ‘harboring’ participants of the terrorist acts leading to the attacks…?

First off… My LARGEST gripe would be why they haven’t already been awarded sufficient damages. I can not imagine what red tape is standing between these families’ financial healing. Resources should have been made available through the countless funds and trusts set up during the 2000s. And what about the port authority compensations to the families? I’m just surprised that the families haven’t been taken care of. Having to extend the suits overseas seems to be a last result of a long battle with red tape.

Secondly… regarding sovereign immunity, I don’t even know where to start. Again, I am all for 9/11 families being rightly compensated for having lost & endured so much. To that end the United States has been responsible for many deaths abroad. Do we want to field lawsuits from ALL of the collateral damage caused in the drone strikes in Afghanistan…? Or the families in Iraq…? We are absolutely opening ourselves to a tough conversation with several frenemies & foes in the theatre of war. Also a part of this bill it could be said that soldiers could possibly come under legally fire… even personally.

Additionally, see… the our lawsuits are set up… you have to disclose things… LOTS of things. LOTS of state-sponsored secrets. And an immense amount of special forces operations will have to revealed in order to draw the conclusions necessary for culpability. This seems to be prime for compromise our interests abroad. And while solving a problem here at home, we’ll take a huge hit overseas.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a letter 9/27/16 to a senior member of Congress, said he’s sympathetic to the intent of the measure. But the legislation could lead to the public disclosure of American secrets and even undercut counterterrorism efforts by sowing mistrust among U.S. partners and allies, according to Carter.

And we could all do a better job holding Congress accountable. There are eve several First Responder bills pending in Congress that could also help avail the families. I just hate that we’ve been relegated to such an extreme measure.

I can’t speak to the venue of such proceedings but you can bet what’s to come will be unprecedented in scale.

If a president’s veto can be overridden, this FOR SURE has the strength to do it. This will get interesting.

P.S. Saudi Arabia… You know damn well you should have offered some sort of assistance before now.

Tulsa’s Terence Crutcher Problem Grow to Huge Suit´╗┐

Tulsa's Terence Crutcher Problem Grow to Huge Suit

Tulsa’s Terence Crutcher Problem Grow to Huge Suit

Tulsa Oklahoma Police press statement of Terence Crutcher shooting scant at best. In reviewing it I’m noticing a disturbing trend. – ineptitude.

The officers, again, were inept. I won’t say racist. I won’t even say they were targeting. Hell, I won’t even say she was bias or intimidated any way. I believe these officers to, en masse, be ill equipped to properly serve these communities.

So why does that matter…? Because I feel like a culture of individuals that are consistently being victimized should file suit against these municipalities for untrained officers patrolling our streets.

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