Make America What Again?

Donald Trump speaks in Gettyburg

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Gettysburg, Pa. on Saturday, denied accusations against him of sexual assault, and also outlined a plan to eliminate what he sees as wasteful spending in the government. Photo: AP

I can’t, for the life of me, see why Donald Trump is the Republican Party candidate for President. I mean I can count but still. As someone who considers himself conservative (with the spirit of a progressive) he doesn’t represent any of the tenets of with any sort of substantive conviction. He’s not a politician at all that’s for sure. And as it pertains to public policy he’s but a citizen like you and me… An ornery, classless, hubris character nonetheless but a citizen.

At a very basic level, I don’t even see Trump as even having read the constitution… I have – every word. And to think that he even wants to sign up for a job that’s intended to protect the document itself is absurd. He doesn’t speak like someone who is a student of the constitution – or the federalist papers for that matter – or a student of modern democracy. He doesn’t speak like someone who understands real problems, let alone their solutions. Hell, he doesn’t really act like an adult. I can’t take him seriously as a candidate.

Though, very recently, I can finally take his supporters seriously.

It took all the way until second Presidential debate of this election season but I finally understand their frustration. Trump has shrouded himself in the cloak of the answer to their concerns; as one who speaks truth to power.

I get it now. They want someone of note to finally tell ‘Congress’ they’re incompetent. Not that it’s broken but that they’re absolute ‘losers’ and that Congress is rigged. They want someone to make Washington’s ineptitude a topic and a policy proposal. He is seen as someone who does that.

Do Trump supporters actually think the country’s weak enough to fall victim to what they consider to be 10 solid years of a deaf Washington? Do they think our issues will tip the scales towards national instability without factoring 230 other years of absolute strength. Is it because they’re scared? I have a theory. I don’t think it’s fear. They’re just confused.

Make American Great Again isn’t an ode to the 50s (wink); it’s an ode to an America that wasn’t nuanced by the dense and complicated issues we face today. Today we deal with debt and taxes and immigration and healthcare and terrorism and multi-cultures in a way the country NEVER has before. The large (and loyal) demographic of Trump supporters suggests a culture that simply hasn’t been forced to have these detailed conversations.

It’s all so complicated and hard to process now. We can’t just deport everyone we think is a threat. We can’t torture who we think is a terrorist. We can’t just apply extreme vetting to large swaths of people eager to enter our wonderful country. We can’t just hand everyone a gun. We now have to take a precision knife to dissecting these issues now and not just machete away at them. Not anymore.

Trump supporters are tired of HAVING to think about these complex concepts and equally (if not more) tired of Washington not having any suitable answers. I finally don’t blame them for thinking they want Trump. I do blame them for not seeing the forest for the trees but that, again, is too hard for them.

They won’t admit it but they really just want to Make American Easy Again.

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