3 Reasons to Take the CIA’s Election Interference Findings Seriously

3 Reasons Trump needs to STFU (or at least stop dismissing) the CIA’s findings on Russian interference with the 2016 American election…

  1. If a foreign entity can, officially, manipulate our democratic process we need to know about it. We need to understand it in order to prevent it. Hacking into voting machines is no short order and if it’s not only probable but likely it needs to be stopped. Even gerrymandering is no match for a “hacker on the couch” with a chip on their shoulders. Let ‘the adults’ in the room have the real facts to react to and thwart these kinds of attacks moving forward.
  2. In the event a foreign actor may have obtained ‘intelligence’ (Trump, Google ‘intelligence’) that can later be used against the US or anyone of our government officials we need a fervent investigation on the matter. Even if it bares no breach has taken place its worth it to get to the bottom of it. Other states need to understand we do not take these types of instances lightly. The greatest democracy in the world needs to take the strength of our elections seriously.
  3. Both the RNC & DNC breaches did take place. That’s a fact. Russian actors have been implicated in both instances. Also a fact. The information gained from these breaches was publicly proliferated and DID make it onto news outlets; both legitimate and ‘fake’ news. Even Wikileaks benefitted from the debacle; the purveyors in fact. Whether or not there is a Russian correlation is at question. And there lies the need for an investigation.

Remember Trump’s avid, personally funded investigation of sitting president’s citizenship? Remember his adamant re-litigation of email hacking? One should assume the same type of rigorous investigation of RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE WITH A US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Call me naive but WTF?

To dismiss it, whole-cloth, is not only reckless & feckless. There’s no strength or resolve in looking the other way on this but laying into hard-working union leaders and Broadway cast members.

We don’t spend $50B+ a year on the CIA’s findings to get into the habit of ignoring them. On this matter we need their objective opinion.

Also on this matter, Trump should just focus on getting his cabinet picks confirmed, decoupling his business interests, and for God sakes, read the daily security intel briefings… EVERY morning.

You are, at this point, offering a defiant, petulant and useless opinion on a very serious matter. You’re, once again, forcing us to question your competence.

Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

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