A CEOs Duty in the Wake of Tax Cuts

These 2017 CEOs have 1 duty: to return dividends to shareholders. Period. You give them a tax break and it won’t go to employees first. It can’t. You give them a tax break and it won’t go to more hiring. MBAs dictate doing more with less resources so they’ll hire as little workforce as possible. Our tax dollars would be obligated to FIRST go to people that own shares… not Trump supporters… not Republicans (see what I did there)… not liberals… but SHAREHOLDERS.

Let’s just be honest.

A Raise for 1,000,000 Americans

Instead of passing a $1.5T tax cut, how about you pass a $40B 2018 Vocational Skills Bill! That takes care of 1,000,000 Americans (heads of household) getting certifications in a new trade. Now we’re talking savings! Now we’re talking new revenues! Now we’re talking about a House that actually cares about Americans earning more… and not just tax cuts on existing wages that come from their own entitlements. Hell, if you pass it before December you’d get a bump in holiday spending. This just shows they’re not focused on you… they’re focused on big money tax breaks… and trickle down economics.That’s all this bill (in its current form) helps. Let’s see what Congress comes up with.

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