3 Reasons to Take the CIA’s Election Interference Findings Seriously

3 Reasons Trump needs to STFU (or at least stop dismissing) the CIA’s findings on Russian interference with the 2016 American election…

  1. If a foreign entity can, officially, manipulate our democratic process we need to know about it. We need to understand it in order to prevent it. Hacking into voting machines is no short order and if it’s not only probable but likely it needs to be stopped. Even gerrymandering is no match for a “hacker on the couch” with a chip on their shoulders. Let ‘the adults’ in the room have the real facts to react to and thwart these kinds of attacks moving forward.
  2. In the event a foreign actor may have obtained ‘intelligence’ (Trump, Google ‘intelligence’) that can later be used against the US or anyone of our government officials we need a fervent investigation on the matter. Even if it bares no breach has taken place its worth it to get to the bottom of it. Other states need to understand we do not take these types of instances lightly. The greatest democracy in the world needs to take the strength of our elections seriously.
  3. Both the RNC & DNC breaches did take place. That’s a fact. Russian actors have been implicated in both instances. Also a fact. The information gained from these breaches was publicly proliferated and DID make it onto news outlets; both legitimate and ‘fake’ news. Even Wikileaks benefitted from the debacle; the purveyors in fact. Whether or not there is a Russian correlation is at question. And there lies the need for an investigation.

Remember Trump’s avid, personally funded investigation of sitting president’s citizenship? Remember his adamant re-litigation of email hacking? One should assume the same type of rigorous investigation of RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE WITH A US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Call me naive but WTF?

To dismiss it, whole-cloth, is not only reckless & feckless. There’s no strength or resolve in looking the other way on this but laying into hard-working union leaders and Broadway cast members.

We don’t spend $50B+ a year on the CIA’s findings to get into the habit of ignoring them. On this matter we need their objective opinion.

Also on this matter, Trump should just focus on getting his cabinet picks confirmed, decoupling his business interests, and for God sakes, read the daily security intel briefings… EVERY morning.

You are, at this point, offering a defiant, petulant and useless opinion on a very serious matter. You’re, once again, forcing us to question your competence.

Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

Make America What Again?

Donald Trump speaks in Gettyburg

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Gettysburg, Pa. on Saturday, denied accusations against him of sexual assault, and also outlined a plan to eliminate what he sees as wasteful spending in the government. Photo: AP

I can’t, for the life of me, see why Donald Trump is the Republican Party candidate for President. I mean I can count but still. As someone who considers himself conservative (with the spirit of a progressive) he doesn’t represent any of the tenets of with any sort of substantive conviction. He’s not a politician at all that’s for sure. And as it pertains to public policy he’s but a citizen like you and me… An ornery, classless, hubris character nonetheless but a citizen.

At a very basic level, I don’t even see Trump as even having read the constitution… I have – every word. And to think that he even wants to sign up for a job that’s intended to protect the document itself is absurd. He doesn’t speak like someone who is a student of the constitution – or the federalist papers for that matter – or a student of modern democracy. He doesn’t speak like someone who understands real problems, let alone their solutions. Hell, he doesn’t really act like an adult. I can’t take him seriously as a candidate.

Though, very recently, I can finally take his supporters seriously.

It took all the way until second Presidential debate of this election season but I finally understand their frustration. Trump has shrouded himself in the cloak of the answer to their concerns; as one who speaks truth to power.

I get it now. They want someone of note to finally tell ‘Congress’ they’re incompetent. Not that it’s broken but that they’re absolute ‘losers’ and that Congress is rigged. They want someone to make Washington’s ineptitude a topic and a policy proposal. He is seen as someone who does that.

Do Trump supporters actually think the country’s weak enough to fall victim to what they consider to be 10 solid years of a deaf Washington? Do they think our issues will tip the scales towards national instability without factoring 230 other years of absolute strength. Is it because they’re scared? I have a theory. I don’t think it’s fear. They’re just confused.

Make American Great Again isn’t an ode to the 50s (wink); it’s an ode to an America that wasn’t nuanced by the dense and complicated issues we face today. Today we deal with debt and taxes and immigration and healthcare and terrorism and multi-cultures in a way the country NEVER has before. The large (and loyal) demographic of Trump supporters suggests a culture that simply hasn’t been forced to have these detailed conversations.

It’s all so complicated and hard to process now. We can’t just deport everyone we think is a threat. We can’t torture who we think is a terrorist. We can’t just apply extreme vetting to large swaths of people eager to enter our wonderful country. We can’t just hand everyone a gun. We now have to take a precision knife to dissecting these issues now and not just machete away at them. Not anymore.

Trump supporters are tired of HAVING to think about these complex concepts and equally (if not more) tired of Washington not having any suitable answers. I finally don’t blame them for thinking they want Trump. I do blame them for not seeing the forest for the trees but that, again, is too hard for them.

They won’t admit it but they really just want to Make American Easy Again.

Suing Saudi Arabia

Congress rejects Obama veto of 9/11 bill, in first override of presidency

Congress rejects Obama veto of 9/11 bill, in first override of presidency

So let me get this straight… We want to “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11… as in holding a sovereign state culpable for ‘harboring’ participants of the terrorist acts leading to the attacks…?

First off… My LARGEST gripe would be why they haven’t already been awarded sufficient damages. I can not imagine what red tape is standing between these families’ financial healing. Resources should have been made available through the countless funds and trusts set up during the 2000s. And what about the port authority compensations to the families? I’m just surprised that the families haven’t been taken care of. Having to extend the suits overseas seems to be a last result of a long battle with red tape.

Secondly… regarding sovereign immunity, I don’t even know where to start. Again, I am all for 9/11 families being rightly compensated for having lost & endured so much. To that end the United States has been responsible for many deaths abroad. Do we want to field lawsuits from ALL of the collateral damage caused in the drone strikes in Afghanistan…? Or the families in Iraq…? We are absolutely opening ourselves to a tough conversation with several frenemies & foes in the theatre of war. Also a part of this bill it could be said that soldiers could possibly come under legally fire… even personally.

Additionally, see… the our lawsuits are set up… you have to disclose things… LOTS of things. LOTS of state-sponsored secrets. And an immense amount of special forces operations will have to revealed in order to draw the conclusions necessary for culpability. This seems to be prime for compromise our interests abroad. And while solving a problem here at home, we’ll take a huge hit overseas.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a letter 9/27/16 to a senior member of Congress, said he’s sympathetic to the intent of the measure. But the legislation could lead to the public disclosure of American secrets and even undercut counterterrorism efforts by sowing mistrust among U.S. partners and allies, according to Carter.

And we could all do a better job holding Congress accountable. There are eve several First Responder bills pending in Congress that could also help avail the families. I just hate that we’ve been relegated to such an extreme measure.

I can’t speak to the venue of such proceedings but you can bet what’s to come will be unprecedented in scale.

If a president’s veto can be overridden, this FOR SURE has the strength to do it. This will get interesting.

P.S. Saudi Arabia… You know damn well you should have offered some sort of assistance before now.

A Case for Reparations

I think this is easily one of the more interesting legal conversations and certainly, at first glance, the most obvious.

Are African Americans due reparations? 

However, after careful though (and ignoring ignoring Italian television) I was forced to consider a pratical approach to repairing one of our nation’s greatest blemishes.

A grand, top-heavy settlement with seemingly 100% of the African American population simply seemed intangible in today’s political climate. It’s a practical impossibility that’d you’d have a government agency proactively open itself to reparations. So you won’t see any “new” legislation around it; regardless of the continued efforts of Congressman John Conyers (NY).

There are simply not enough votes and certainly too much conservatism to pay any real attention to the “past” in that way. The government isn’t designed for “favors”.

Though it is designed to respond to formal legal claims.

If (and I mean a big IF) some portion of the American population was interested in reparations there is a framework to persue.

Since slavery wasn’t illegal for a significant period of time, you’d need to seek formal damages for acts occurring after abolition – allowing some buffer for the nation to “learn how to pay ex-slaves”. The term reasonable is used frequently in law and it typically assumes even with a duty of care, a defendant gets a reasonable amount of time to correct actions. I believe expecting anything else would be ill advised by any counsel.

Given that buffer, you’d then build a timeline of bad behavior or “Disservice Period”. Damages having occurred during this time would then need to be tied to reckless and wanton conduct by a governing body, like a municipality or a surviving corporation with contractual ties to a municipality.

The thinking here is to challenge these entity’s willful and consistent maneuvering of the new laws of the time rather than acting to rectify in – you guessed it – a reasonable amount of time. Show how that maneuvering was designed to benefit the group in some way.

Now comes the fun part. You’d need to lose that case. Not purposefully of course. But it is highly unlikely, because of statutes oo limitation that you’d lost on first account. You’d need an appeal and to lose again in a higher court.

What you’re looking for is a precedent built on firm cause – serious, actionable and capricious cause. And trust me, that will take some time, there is definitely enough cause.

You could get heard on res ipsa loquitur alone given the evidence we see everyday. But ultimately you’d have to show clear damages, a direct violation of the constitution and an entity of some kind that directly performed both. A municipality (or corporation having ties to a municipality) would be an interesting start since they’re less agile and have public records on collusion.

Now again, here comes the hard part… you’d have to have to stomach to see it all the way through to the supreme court… like 4 or 5 years battles worth of stomach. It would indeed get ugly. It would indeed be polarizing. It would indeed, formally, divide the country.

Then you’re on your way to getting Justice Roberts to issue this statement… 

“Any surviving entity having directly benefitted from violations of the rights of freed men (as set forth in our constitution) must not be allowed to singly benefit from those violations and instead must produce just remunerations to those directly affected. It is not this court’s purpose or intention to bankrupt these entities but to provide the platform to set right these obvious inflictions.”

Justice Roberts of course hasn’t issued this statement but he does have a healthy legal appetite that, on several occasions, has angered both parties. Good for us, bad for convention.

Moderate compensation terms are sufficient. You don’t want to scare the courts into throwing out your case prima fascia. Precedent alone will provide the volume required for collective wins spread across several actions and several years. You want to open narrow doors – only suitable for proven damages – for a steady flow to undebatable restoration.

Funny though, Colin Powell gave practically, the most pointed comment on these types of set backs.


It sounded a bit glib at first but honestly there’s nothing like simply out-performing EVERYone around you and achieving in the face of the obstacles in front of us. We hold the keys to judging what success and failure are in our own communities.

Then we rally those spoils. Rinse & repeat. I think we’re closer to another Black Wall Street than we think.

We’ve definitely got some groundwork to lay but the legal instruments above are certainly at our disposal.

This should be interesting.

13 Tough Interview Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates

White House - We're Hiring

White House – We’re Hiring

So tell me, why the hell should I hire you? The job description is pretty straight forward. You’ll be responsible for establishing a country’s goals and strategies and presiding over the execution of that vision. The president is the commander-in-chief of the military and responsible for insuring that the laws passed by Congress are executed and enforced as written.

Given those responsibilities, I’ve put together some revealing questions for choosing a president.

  1. What does continuing our counter-terrorism strategy look like in 2017?
  2. You will undoubtedly command our military as president. How do you choose the words to comfort the families of fallen troops?
  3. What would you tell 2016 college graduates about the opportunities ahead?
  4. What is the purpose of the constitution in your administration?
  5. Where should our Social Security dollars be going?
  6. Other than keeping America safe, what are your first 100 days of priorities?
  7. Speaking of keeping America safe, how do you ensure Americans are safe in their own communities?
  8. As an American, what are your thoughts on the current president?
  9. Is the United States education platform suited for the future?
  10. Who are your cabinet picks? Particularly, Vice President & Secretary of State?
  11. How did you choose your Chief of Staff?
  12. If a Supreme Court position becomes available, who would you have in mind to fill it?
  13. Are we on the right track with healthcare?

Depending on each candidates answers the followups could be all over the place. But I think these questions lay a foundation for their philosophies about running the country.

What say you?

Assassination of The Pursuit

This tragic moment in “American” History has always bothered me to no end. It almost certainly stunted African American growth for many generations to come. How does a culture of citizens see any possibility of prosperity when the very symbol of progress, that they’d already, slaved to produce was so violently ripped away from them? How is it possible to feel positive about a future in a land where this is possible – with no vindication from anything resembling a justice system. How is your pursuit of happiness… protected?

It meant we could pour our financial & intellectual wealth into our own communities, see it destroyed and be offered no remunerations or support (dare I say no incentive) to rebuild.

Moments in time like this one and assassinations and supreme court decisions and countless others demonstrate, so clearly, this country’s societal immaturity throughout the decades. Such a disappointment that a land so vast in possibilities is constantly stagnated by fear and hatred.

I am saddened and confused every time I experience yet another recollection of these events where society simply has no answers for true justice. Delivering yet another skewed depiction of what it means to be free.

It’s a shame that a country with this much abundance and opportunity is so often reduced to putrid acts of bigotry and insipid decadence.

The United States could be much greater than even the fairy-tale history book your school district regurgitates year after year. We could have so much more if we would only free up the constipation that greed and racism so often leaves us with.

While We All Slept

Let’s see. What do I know about the Ukraine? Ooh! Back when I sold Greek apparel and ran grk.by, I cared about Belarus – where I bought the CCTLD .BY. Back then, I noticed the Ukraine touched it and I was like “huh, look at that.” That was the extent of my involvement with the Ukraine. And on the whole, unfortunately just another country with civil unrest.

Crimea actually was considered Russian sovereignty until the mid-1950s, when it was handed over to the Ukraine – an extension of the Soviet Union. Moreover, that area is pretty much enriched with a deeply ethnic Russian population and a handful of other Russian bullet points. It’s not foreign land to Putin – it’s home.

Which brings us to this latest “crisis”. In early March, a majority vote sought to rejoin Russia in what I think is a troubling referendum. Russian legislators voted to connext the Black Sea peninsula, where Russia has a strong naval presence, and Putin quickly signed that mug into law.

Since then, Moscow’s corralling troops near Ukraine’s eastern borders worrying the heck out of the interim government in Kiev. It’s also looking like other former Soviet republics, now belong to the EU and NATO are actually starting to worry. I guess the assimilation was going better than planned.

In response to all this mishegoss, the EU has taken some pretty bold steps to ensure Russia feels the affects of its decisions. A few of the annoyances levied on Russia: targeted sanctions, visa bans and – my favorite – canceling a number of engagements with Russia. Like thumbing our noses up at Russia is of concern of theirs anyway. But I also understand diplomacy works; even with idiots.

Net/net, these are looking like the strictest sanctions since the Cold War so I’m willing to bet Russia is at least loosening their neckties. They’ve pretty much isolated themselves – opting instead to stand alone in their whole mess.

Our president stands with world leaders with other world leaders. I’ve finally come to grips with who this president is when it comes to foreign policy. Better explained in its own diatribe, the brother is simply not in the business of sending our troops overseas flagrantly or half-cocked. Unlike the would be president Romney who has made it clear that he’d do everything in his power to create a climate where the theater of war was eminent.

And while I understand Romney’s concerns, I still don’t the US has risen to the level of dereliction, nor trend, as say Europe headed into the  World Was II. In Winston Churchill “While England Slept” it was made apparent he was defending his homeland’s “strategy” of diplomacy. So for a slightly more objective take, or at least for balance, fast forward to JFK’s “Why England Slept” to reveal England’s true strategy of simply stockpiling power. Little did they know, there was a powder keg brewing in Germany.

That said, our President must be mindful of power vacuum and attention deficits when it comes to geopolitical matters. I’ve never managed a country but in my mere 10 years of people management I’ve noticed that some people just don’t want to be lead. Some folk just won’t learn to coexist. Which is to say some countries simply will not align, don’t have an intention to and have no inclination towards it. Obama must be aware of these gaps and proceed accordingly. I will agree with Romney that he has a great deal of naivete when it comes to foreign affairs. And its becoming clear that what he may lack in acumen he doesn’t always make up for with vision.

The Response To The Romany Response

Romany Malco

Romany Malco

I’m actually a fan of Romany Malco, and specifically his character Zeke from Why Did I Get Married, or Look Like a Man Act Like A Woman or Deliver us from Eva or whatever other of my date night picks list. Yeah, him. Good actor and even better comedian. In fact, in everything I’ve seen him in, he’s delivered comedic-ally and thematically. Even in his latest blog post, A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers, he delivers a strong performance.

I thought to myself, is he serious? The main message – Trayvon is not the only dead somebody we need to be worried about. I see where he’s coming from but to say the TM/GZ isn’t especially disturbing is being a little obtuse.

In this country, if it isn’t streamlined through mainstream media and pop culture, it doesn’t seem to warrant national debate.

His larger point is that we need to be constantly on alert when it comes to the well-being of our youth – not just when told to be. I can dig that.

And the violent crimes that have consumed “no headlines” is something that bothers him and, despite his op-ed, the rest of us a well.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. If the assailants of these Chicago atrocities were standing over the bodies of the victims they’d be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed with a routine swiftness. On the one had, there was a legal precedent set/affirmed with the entire Zimmerman case – one with ripple effects. On the other, a moral or chronic criminal illness plaguing entire cities.

Now are we allowed to be outraged, Zeke? Can we now agree that it’s not the media that “didn’t” arrest a gunman? It is with those that are entrusted to protect and serve that our concerns lie. The media didn’t coach us to outrage – the outrage did that.

To say that these concerns are otherwise unwarranted or even to suggest that TM/GZ is not uniquely qualified for our collective attention is glib and dismissive. I’m sure that’s not where we are.

Now if you want to now USE the nation’s recent “watchful eye” to lift up the conversation around our youth’s value and how it should be held sacred then I stand with you. I see THAT as useful. I see that as responsible. I see that as constructive and might just move us forward.

I’m not sure we can afford the separation. Aligning interests collectively is how we move forward. Let’s find that common ground, lift each others’ messages and have an even bigger voice.

Though I agree. There is a generally disgusting trend that ends in death for a number of our children – and its murder. But the GZs of the world aren’t responsible for most of those deaths – we are.

Tavis Smiley And Cornell West Are Not Yet Convinced

Tavis Smiley & Cornell West Are Not Yet Convinced

Tavis Smiley & Cornell West Are Not Yet Convinced

I understand their issue with Obama. It’s devotion. It’s about… “What are you spending your time on? And what aren’t you spending your time on?”

Any injustice is unacceptable.

They are seeking to be the conscience of the president and keep him at his pure word. They’re attempting to “keep him honest”.

Their message is anti-injustice (mainly with poverty) not anti-Obama. They are liberals still so rest assured their ultimate goals align with the president’s.

They keep their messages very direct and pointed directly at the issues and not at the temple of the president. That’s not to say that they haven’t taken shots. There have been many.

I understand them but I’m not sure where they go from here? Are they opponents of the president’s agenda. Should the administration ad them to the naughty list or the concerned citizen list. Or are concerned citizens considered naughty by this administration?

Tavis Smiley and Cornell West have already written a book on the matter of socioeconomic injustices – which targeted some of the president’s inaction. Aren’t they trying to fix an issue that the entire nation should be looking at? How can we criticize that?

Because it tears down the reputation of the first Black president?

As African Americans, we literally MUST hold this brother accountable. We have to show him and the rest of Americans that we take the office seriously. And mainly, we have to show ourselves. He encourages honest & thoughtful criticism. Trust me – he’s gone through a little bit in his day.

Tavis & Nelly make several good points and are certainly worth listening to. I don’t see them as “crabs”, I see them as voters.

Cornell West and Tavis Smiley are obviously salty. Barack Obama has, in the past, rejected a few key invitations and generally avoided officially aligning their agendas.

THIS is exactly the type of dialogue that is only possible when you encourage healthy
debate. Vetting ideologies is how ideas turn into initiatives – and then onto legislation. Dare I say it, even dissent is a necessary step in politics in order to get anything accomplished.

Enter: CorTav.

We need niches like the anti-poverty agenda they’re advocating to help vet the issues of today. Once they’re broken down into digestible pieces we can all begin prioritizing. That’s how we get to the problem solving we need. That’s how we bring about resolution – debate and action.

It’s the (in)action that CorTav have a problem with. They don’t see this president as having prioritized reconciling the plight of the banks or the “haves”. In fact, they’ve accused this president, not of commingling like opponents might, but of flat out dereliction of duty as it pertains to economic equal opportunity.

That’s a huge accusation that’s hard to digest when compared against this administration’s macro economic responsibility and efforts.

Where CorTav have a point is unlike the programs proposed by that of John Edwards, the politically-posthumous anti-poverty advocate, there has been no highlighted energy towards thwarting the negative effects of destitution. Insolvency and even starvation are both issues that America has to begin examining on a micro level. And while Obama enjoys the politically Teflon nature of a second term I understand CorTav trying to box him into hearing and dealing with these issue – however uncomfortable they might be.

They’re forcing the president into taking a position AND executing accordingly. It’s the same tactic the president and Harry Reid use when they try to force a public up or down vote just to show citizens where they stand. It’s a pretty slick strategy.

I get it though. Yeah, they may be salty about “The Covenant” and the “State of the Union” but they’re big boys. They can get over that just like the president will have to get over the 2010 elections… that we didn’t show up for and CorTav didn’t canvas for.

7 Steps to Protecting Our Sons

George Zimmerman Acquitted ~ CNN Video

George Zimmerman Acquitted ~ CNN Video

In the wake of the recent Florida acquittal of one citizen having taken the life of another I feel some next steps should be discussed. There is certainly an appetite for a discussion on how to keep our young Americans protected. Calls for a change in laws and behavior are in the air across the nation.

Also in the air – despondence. People are beginning to give up hope that the justice system is even concerned about repairing itself as our society evolves. The value of young Americans’ lives is in question. It needs to be addressed that a number of citizens don’t think their voices will be heard or quite simply – nothing will happen.  We can’t afford inaction. And we can’t afford to wait, so let’s start conversation about the way forward:

  1. Talk to your sons and tell them the threats of this world are real – and don’t always look like threats. Standing up for yourself always is very human. It’s a good thing to do so but how it’s done matters greatly. You never know what people have in their possession. And you never know people’s motives. Are you purposely being provoked? Recognize that some simply want to “get a rise” out of you so they can have a reason to react. Just remember if someone is provoking you, especially those in a position to protect you, they have an agenda. Manipulation in this way is poison on our society and rampant in policing our communities. Don’t be a victim.
  2. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch

    Where is the app for Neighborhood Watch personnel? We’re certainly at a point where the transparency of technology can aid in the monitoring of our communities. This is a simple and practical solve for both knowing your residents as well as the citizens devoted to crime prevention. In gated communities ALL residents are registered anyway. Why not extend these features to expected guests? Maintaining a running inventory of visitors is not a new concept and is already being used in other areas. Those charged with crime prevention should know this list well. This suggestion for neighborhood watch is to ensure they know their residents and their residents’ guests. In the event something happens, you’ve now empowered watchmen with the tools to stay informed.

  3. Know where your sons are at ALL times. Trayvon Martin’s father was unaware of his whereabouts for almost 12 hours after the shooting. Trayvon may very well have been the more responsible young man but no matter how “grown” our youth feel we have to stay in touch with them. It’s time-consuming and may feel burdensome but we simply have to keep tabs on our children – children meaning those in our immediate care. Yes – this could have happened to any parent but for that very reason we want to stay in close contact with our teenagers and be readily available to them when needed.
  4. Remove Section 2 (A) from Florida Law 776.041. It’s broad and essentially absolves provocateurs from being accountable for reasonable reactions from other citizens. All individuals who feel threatened in a real-world scenario should be protected by self-defense. However, creating the scenarios for which violence reasonably ensues should establish some order of intent. I can’t see all the freedoms and assumptions afforded to citizens being available to individuals who knowingly create dangerous situations. How others respond to an otherwise non-aggressive situation should be considered if & when these instances play out in court. Section 2 (A) provides too many luxuries to that of an aggressor.
  5. Minors without weapons should be excluded from Florida Law 776.041. Not just actions that rise to the level of imminent danger but only the use of deadly weapons should warrant the use of deadly force towards a minor especially WHEN one is themselves, the aggressor. We afford minors additional inherent protections against their own underdeveloped assessments in other instances – why not in physical altercations. We must also consider the actions of an aggressor just as complicated a set of circumstances for minors as their judgement in, say, sexual situations. These automatic protections should be levied here. Retrofitting a law would not service prior legal outcomes but we must consider all the ways we can protect youth and the Trayon Martin case offers us an example of a gap our children can unknowingly fall into
  6. Only 1 self-defense law should apply at a time – no 2 can apply. Combining these protections seems like bad practice. Remember, there are several lives at stake – not just that of the aggressor. That amounts to under-collateralized protection and almost promotes provoking attacks. It also promotes zero accountability. Does this mean good judgement no longer needs to be exercised? Or worse, that bad judgment is excused? The laws should not be in place to protect overzealous citizens in instances where their actions result in a death. This is dangerous and could lead to many fatal situations where the only witness to corroborate or counter these judgements will be unavailable for questioning.
  7. “Aggressor” must show just cause for approach AND be subject to legal exploration. This exposes ALL aggressor’s actions (including those leading up to an encounter) to explanation in a court of law. Jurors should have the opportunity to consider both “motivation” as well as motive when ruling. “Citizen” and “aggressors” can not mean the same thing. Zealous citizens cross a line and should accept a new standard and duty of behavior. Where we are today amounts to vigilante behavior.

I think these are practical considerations and can all be implemented in under 20 months. That may sound like a lot but it’s been almost that long since Trayvon Martin had his life stolen by George Zimmerman.

Can’t we get this done? Can’t we try?

A justice system without the justice is just… the system.

There are countless examples of a system that does not lean in the favor of minorities. It is more than obvious the courts alone can not keep our youth safe. In fact, the courts are not designed to – queue the prison industrial complex conversation. But more that it’s our job to own the protection of our children – with knowledge, fair representation in law enforcement and proper regulatory reforms.

I think there’s enough here for a spirited debate so let’s see where it takes us.


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