Listening to Kanye West is a Choice

Kanye’s a clown for his comments on slavery. He seems to think slavery was a choice. 🤦🏾‍♂️ He’s obviously under a spell. Facts are not art. This is not the time to get creative with what we all know to be a horrible truth… slavery was (by definition) forced.

What he meant was mental bondage has persisted. What he meant was we have a choice today. What he meant to say was we have an opportunity today to think on our own terms. To vote how we want to. To not rubber stand “any” agenda. What he said was that he thinks him taking sides represents change and an olive branch. It doesn’t.

What he’s done… willfully… and wittingly… is allowed himself to be a tool for an agenda that’s contrary to the majority of his previously expressed interests. All because he “met” a Trump once… 😳🤦🏾‍♂️

Independent thought is not ignoring what you see just to be a contrarian. Not wanting to follow one crowd doesn’t mean follow another.

Be independent. Run on your own platform. Put some policy out there to be scrutinized. What he did was take a piss in hungry people’s soup and said they stupid for being pissed.

Kanye, You can’t be a wordsmith and expect to this interpretation to move anyone forward. Sadly he won’t get to credit for the nugget he tried to lob. Gon’ hide your hand, Ye. Fail.

I’m sure there’s something special and beautiful at the root of what Kanye half-read and then ran out and tried to give a sermon on. But he’s fucked that message all the way up.

I watched his entire 1:45:00 interview with CtG… he’s difficult to track… he’s not really into making points… he’s got this stream of consciousness bug that’s getting in the way of him actually communicating…

there is no thought process… it’s just thoughts and actions with him… in some ways I get it… I struggle with the doldrum too so i understand how to just ACT… but when it comes to communicating you have to use the other brain…

…especially when communicating about SLAVERY.

it’s just one of those topics that kind of deserves more than half-baked soundbites…

And then this guy has the nerve to cite Tesla and Hughes and Ford… without actually adding any context… Why bring up your idols but covet why… it’s not something that should be glazed over… WHY are they your idols…? Because they were inventors? Did they love people? Did they love their ideas? Did they ignore humanity altogether and just focus on their creations? Why? Teach? Don’t just cite? Quote! Apply! Describe! Transcend!

I loathe… like… LOATHE… the term “do your research”? It’s as unnecessary a term as “read a book” or “open your mind”. It’s much more therapeutic and honest and USEFUL to just say “I don’t know” OR have the conversation. We don’t have time for anything in between.
His comments were disconnected, glib and worst of all contrary to everything we know about him to date. It’s tantamount to betrayal in people’s eyes… but people are too proud to admit they feel betrayed.
We don’t need idioms and allegory. We’re adults. Have… the… conversation.
Stream of consciousness… complete…

The Key to Smaller Government is Term Limits

Term limits make any “deal” made while serving subject to public scrutiny in shorter cycles. Legislation would be shorter. Government intervention much more limited in scope and all senators end up HAVING to earn a living working back home rather than pork from Washington.

It’s not only a first step but the most powerful. If we’re seriously talking about returning power to constituents – that’s most certainly it.

Terms limits are a giant piece of legislation that change the face of government but current leadership would never see the value in prioritizing it and frankly aren’t big enough leaders to consider it.

This congress is uninteresting, uninspiring, small & petulant. They see government as a tool of their own petty whims as opposed to the rich soil it could be. With this version of a Republican Party and this President, the government won’t shrink but our promise most certainly will.

Government Regulation as a Market Force

Government regulation IS a market force. Regulations ebb and flow just like supply and demand. Remember, consumers are also voters. People vote for your products with cash as well as at the ballot box. And while less immediate, public policy is also market force businesses SHOULD contend with. Your industry acting in good faith gives you leverage in designing better public policy so profits shouldn’t have been your only drivers. Serving the public good may not be as attractive (profit-wise) but until that goal becomes a directive as strong as revenue the businesses can expect regulatory checks and balances. I guarantee any regulation that exists today to throttle growth or protect consumers can be mapped back to that industry’s negligent behavior in some way. In short, unfortunately regulations are hear to stay… but is the relentless pursuit of profits… sooo…

When Amazon accepts Bitcoin you’re going to regret not buying…  but it’ll be too late… 

We gotta learn to be less skeptical and get comfortable with the idea of taking risks…

Oh, the power of being broke… Such a breeding ground for creativity… Such a pure molder of character… #startuplife #phoenix #from200Kto2K

A CEOs Duty in the Wake of Tax Cuts

These 2017 CEOs have 1 duty: to return dividends to shareholders. Period. You give them a tax break and it won’t go to employees first. It can’t. You give them a tax break and it won’t go to more hiring. MBAs dictate doing more with less resources so they’ll hire as little workforce as possible. Our tax dollars would be obligated to FIRST go to people that own shares… not Trump supporters… not Republicans (see what I did there)… not liberals… but SHAREHOLDERS.

Let’s just be honest.

A Raise for 1,000,000 Americans

Instead of passing a $1.5T tax cut, how about you pass a $40B 2018 Vocational Skills Bill! That takes care of 1,000,000 Americans (heads of household) getting certifications in a new trade. Now we’re talking savings! Now we’re talking new revenues! Now we’re talking about a House that actually cares about Americans earning more… and not just tax cuts on existing wages that come from their own entitlements. Hell, if you pass it before December you’d get a bump in holiday spending. This just shows they’re not focused on you… they’re focused on big money tax breaks… and trickle down economics.That’s all this bill (in its current form) helps. Let’s see what Congress comes up with.

No one can protect manufacturing jobs better than consumers. YOU have the power of the purse. WE could bring jobs back tomorrow.

Wait…? Flint still doesn’t have tap drinkable water…?

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